Los Renos

Finca Los Renos base for nature walking

Finca Los Renos is situated in Sierra de Ronda. A barren mountain area just a bit south of Ronda, Malaga province. Inhospitable mountain ranges with chestnuts, cork-oaks, pine trees and other vegetation which are intersected by rivers and streams. Genal river is the biggest and most important one. Our finca is located near the top of a mountain in the Jubrique community.

  • West of Jubrique there is a road towards Farajan, asphalt at first but it gets rougher soon.
  • Keep left, look out for the swimming pool and turn right at the intersection. Just keep following the road up.
  • Turn right again and keep driving towards the top.
  • After two or three turns there is a sharp corner going right on a steep curve up. Follow this road.
  • There are some holes in the road which you can avoid by snaking round them. Suddenly a gate appears while the road makes a sharp turn to the left. You will see a sign with "Finca LosRenos" on it.

That is the entrance to a few fincas including ours.

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