Los Renos

Finca Los Renos base for nature walking

Forests, mountains, fincas, cute villages, small paths and many chestnuts obviously. It really is Spain's national heritage. A paradise for bird lovers as you can spot and hear many variaties all the time. While hiking I have already encountered many native mammals like wild bores, meloncilos and deers. And of great importance to a farmer: because of the favourable climate the vegetation is very diverse. Well, if the water supply is sufficient that is...

Surrounding area: culture

In the local vincinity you will find many caves that are interesting because of the prehistoric drawings they contain. Of more recent origin are the ruins of blackamoor buildings. And then there are some of Spain's most beatifull historic cities in the vincinity like; Sevilla, Cordoba, Malaga and Granada. Here you will find sophisticated modern arts, architecture and culture.

Surrounding area: relaxation

Still not satisfied? Why not visit the beach? You can reach Estepona in under a hour or bath in a local river or pond. You can even go to the community swimming pool in Jubrique (at the foot of the mountain) or have a drink there in one of the little bars and restaurants. Shopping for food is possible in Jubrique as well while a bigger assortment can be found in Ronda, a beatifull town within a two hour drive from our finca.

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